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EP029 with Mary Coughlan

Our guest on this podcast was born in County Galway and would be considered Irish musical royalty. In 1985 she recorded her debut LP, Tired and Emotional, a major hit here in Ireland. After Tired and Emotional, she drank alcohol excessively and was hospitalized more than thirty times. She started her journey of recovery in 1994 and celebrates 26 years of life without drink and drugs. A number of other records followed in the years to come, and she became a critical favourite throughout much of Europe. With 1997’s After the Fall, Mary made her U.S. debut, soon earning a devoted following on American shores. She has released many albums since including her latest album Live & Kicking in 2018. So we are happy to welcome Mary Coughlan.


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EP028 With John Gibbons

John Gibbons is one of Ireland’s most successful djs. He is a regular on mainstream radio and TV. He has 25 million Shazam tags, 200 million catalogues streams, 45 million YouTube views and is the most streamed Irish DJ of the last 4 years amongst money order accolades. John also produces and presents a very successful Podcast called alchemy radio that examines the world that you don’t see in the mainstream media. John lives drug-free life and is here this evening for the 2nd time and is our 1st repeat guest


EP028 with Aindreas De Staic

Welcome to our first videocast where we are joined by Aindrias de Staic, Aindrias is a gypsy trad musician who performs on both Irish and English. He hails from the West of Ireland and is known for heading the world renowned band the Latchico’s. He is an Actor, performance artist, storyteller, comedian extraordinare who moonlights as a TV presenter. He has travelled the world on 80 quid and is here to tell us about his life as a troubadour free from drink and drugs for the last 14 years.


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